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Five Tips on Building Up Your Plus Size Fashion Wardrobe

Shopping as a plus size woman can be super frustrating, especially if you’re re-doing your wardrobe (like I am!).  Knowing where to shop is great to know but you also have to know what you’re looking for once you walk into the store.  We are just as careful with our money as everyone else and when it comes to finding something in our size,  it may mean paying a little bit more.  So, it’s even more important to know what basics we should buy as well as how to go about shopping for trendy items that will flatter us.  I’ve enlisted the help of Ashley Jude, the President of Tog+Porter, a team of personal stylists that help out women like us build a great wardrobe!

First things first.To maximize your plus-sized wardrobe, invest in one pair of great fitting jeans and one classic black trouser. Even if you’re shopping on a budget, this is where you should invest. Your bum is a prized asset, treat it like one.

Plus size fashion

Plus size fashion

Plus Size Fashion - I don't think I could get away with that belt but otherwise I love it.

Monroe Pants. IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel.

Spending wisely on your wardrobe means creating a closet that will mix, match and last. Find a few colors that work well on you and together and build your new style around that. For Fall, try plum, gray and emerald green. All of these colors work well independently as well as mixed and matched with your denim and black trousers.

Plus Size Fashion

Plus size

Plus Size Fashion For Women

Don’t be afraid of prints, but please wear them with this rule in mind: the best way for a plus-sized woman to wear a print is from the waist up. A well-cut printed wrap top will be your favorite piece in your wardrobe — wear it under a blazer at work or paired with jeans for a night out.

Citron Print Silk Draped Jacket (Plus Size) available at #Nordstrom

#plus size

Do the dress. Simple as that. A classic, jersey 3/4 sleeved dress will outlast almost any other piece of clothing in your closet, just make sure the fabric flows over your curves, rather than hugging them.

#plus #size

Jessica Simpson Dress & Jag Jeans Denim Jacket  available at #Nordstrom

Plus Size Women's Party Style

Accessorize! Remember your chosen color palette and find 2 to 3 bold, statement necklaces or bracelets that work right along with every piece of clothing in your closet.

Plus Size Clothing for Women

Fashion Plus Size - Large Size Womens Clothes, Tops & Dresses | Fashionable Plus Size Clothes - GLEAM TANK - Virtu

Who says plus-size women can't wear horizontal stripes?  It's the cut of the jacket that gives her a fabulous look!  For more info,

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