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How To Wear Your Shoes To Instantly Update Your Wardrobe

Jeans Shoes Guide - Perfectly Paired Up good to know:

Your Essential Skirt Length and Shoe Selection Guide

Modest doesn't mean frumpy. Do your clothing choices, manners, and poise portray the image you want to send? "Dress how you wish to be dealt with!" (E. Jean):

How to layer tops under jackets

How to layer tops under jackets:

Add Accessories to create Focal Points

Same tee and jeans with totally different accessories for 4 gorgeous looks!:

Dress for Your Shape

How To Dress for Your Shape:

Layering Tops - The All Important Neckline

Layering Tops – The All Important Neckline:

How to Wear Skinny Jeans

How to wear skinny jeans for your body shape,  Wardrobe Therapy, Imogen Lamport:

How to Wear Cardigans for Your Body Shape

Cardigans for your body shape, Imogen Lamport, Wardrobe Therapy, Inside out Style, Blog:

How to Wear a Maxi Skirt

"How to Wear a Maxi Skirt" by imogenl on Polyvore H shape - avoid gathered waist, keep the line clean:

How to Wear Cardigans for Your Body Shape

"How to wear cardigans." I'm somewhere between an "8" and an "A" body shape; I really do need to learn how to belt things. Particularly in a way that doesn't look accidental.:

Stripes by Body Type

Stripes by Body Type by lizkzook on Polyvore featuring J.Crew, Dorothy Perkins, Jolie Moi, Oasis, River Island and Valentino:

Fashion tips for your body shape

Fashion in Infographics : Photo:

Scale of pattern

Scale of pattern, basically the smaller you are the smaller the print...:

Colour Psychology

Colour Psychology - InsideOutStyleBlog:

Shorter Legs Longer

Shorter Legs Longer by imogenl on Polyvore featuring Fernanda Pereira, Monsoon, Principles Petite, Société Anonyme, Charlotte Russe, Theory, Christian Louboutin, Pedro Garcà a, Karen Zambos and longer legs:

Pants Glossary

pants glossary, created by imogenl on Polyvore:

Great tips on how to wear leggings

Great tips on how to wear leggings, for all the girls that want to wear them as pants.BIG NO NO:

Belting Tips

Belting Tips by imogenl on Polyvore:

How to Pair Necklaces

How to Pair Necklaces with the 6 Most Popular Necklines, Click to learn how

Fashion Tips From Style Gurus Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine

Trinny and Susannah show off the clothes to suit the apple women's body type.:

Best Dresses for Apple Shape

"Best dresses for an Apple Shape" by go-2-girl on Polyvore:

Best Boots for Your Body Type

Best Boots for Your Body Type - src:

How to Dress an Apple Shape Body

Dress an Apple Shape Body shape:

Dress an Apple Shape Body Step 5.jpg:

Find the formula to transform yourself

Here it is, the apple shape, and also, the hourglass shape, which I would much prefer to be:

What a difference proportions can make.  And a great visual reminder of how a stylist can change your life!!:

Choosing The Right Blazer For Your Body Shape

Choosing The Right Blazer For Your Body Shape... - My Fash Avenue:

Rectangle Top

"Rectangle Top" by havilarna on Polyvore:

Outfits for rectangle shape

Outfits ideas for ladies with rectangle body shape:
If you are a rectangle, your body shape is the most common among women. Forty-six percent of American women are rectangle. This shape is also called ruler, straight and banana. Kate Hudson is an example of a rectangle. Curvy or full-figure ladies can also be rectangles.  Description •Bust, hip and waist measurements are nearly the same •Waist is straight and not very defined •Typically has a small bust, but not always •Backside tends to be more flat than round •Not many curves • May appear ...:

How to Dress Your Body - rectangle shape

How to Dress Your Body - rectangle shape Haven't totally figured out my body shape but most of this would work for me:

Dress Your Shape

Dress Your Shape

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Guide to hair part for your face shape

Revamp your look dramatically with a simple flip of your hair

The Most Flattering Hair Part for Your Face Shape:

Find the best earrings for your face shape

Find the best earrings for your face shape | JustFab Blog:

Apple Shape Tips

apple shape tips by rachaelpainter on Polyvore:

Tips for apple shape to choose pants

"Best pants/jeans for an Apple Shape" by go-2-girl on Polyvore:

Slim an apple shape

Style Solution: Large Stomach

How to Disguise Your Tummy

Solutions for Muffin Tops, Back Fat - How to Hide Turkey Neck

A guide to solving your most pressing body problems once and for all, through strategic use of shapewear, clothing, and accessories.

Which shapewear works for your body shape?

It's all about fit and proportion

Good Tips

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