Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Easy ways to dress yourself slimmer this summer

With the weather finally starting to heat up, we start to rummage through our old summer wardrobe and either cringe or decrease. A common problem  people find at the start of each new season is decoding what trends will suit their body shape; with petite, curvy, short and tall, some cuts and styles just won't suit everyone. Here are some of the must-haves wardrobe compilations for girls and their lovely lady lumps. 

1. A thin belt can be your best friend when teamed with a playful summer dress. It clinches the waist, adding an hourglass shape to your gorgeous figure.

2. Give yourself a faux summer glow. It naturally gives you luminous skin and definition.

3. Stock up on Kimonos. A stylish eye-catching kimono is light enough to wear in the warmer months and hides those tricky places like hips and upper arms. Don't be afraid to wear a bold print.

4. Higher fitting bottom-halves are universally flattering but if you are not ready to embrace the Harry High-pants look, opt for mid-rise instead. It elongates the leg and keeps everything firm and smooth.

5. Some shoes can cut off the leg, like ankle strap flats or ankle booties, as they make the leg appear shorter. Try an open toe or pointed stiletto in a light color instead; this will lengthen those pins.

6. It seems obvious but show off your best feature! Great collarbones - rock a flattering sweetheart neckline with a blazer or cardi. Narrow ankles - try an above the knee or mid-length skirt. Hourglass shape - try a fitted dress that clinches at the waist, highlighting your gorgeous coke bottle shape.

7. Match a bold necklace with your outfit to brighten it up an draw attention upwards to your gorgeous face.

8. Maxi skirts and dresses are a Summer must-have. In order not to lose your shape, try adding a thin belt and cropped jacket for a flattering and easy to wear silhouette.

9. Invest in shape-wear, it can completely transform your look. Think of it as a primer for your body as it preps and shapes for your ensemble.

10. Dress in one shade and add a printed clutch or bright shoes to add edge to your outfit. A black long blazer, tailored high-waisted pants with a leopard print clutch and stand-out stompers would be to die.

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